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Accredited Oregon Well Water Testing - Providing Data For Decisions

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Since 1978, Waterlab has been servicing the water quality needs of Oregon's residential consumers. Sometimes our customers are concerned how their water may smell or look. Other times, a doctor recommends they get their water tested. Oregon homeowners have come to count on Waterlab’s reliable data to provide information about water staining, bacterial contamination, mineral build-up in pipes, and well testing for home sales.  



Waterlab Corp.:  

  • Uses validated test methods and instruments, no test strips or test kits.
  • Is ORELAP, EPA and TNI accredited.
  • Utilizes known proven laboratory methods and Quality Control procedures to obtain accurate, precise results.
  • Participates in blind studies 2-3 times a year.





Coliform Bacteria, Nitrate, Arsenic (Oregon Home Sale Requirements)

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Healthy Water Package for Residences on Wells or Springs

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Diagnostic Testing for Water Problems in Oregon

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