Search Willamette Valley water quality by zip code dates and common minerals

Now Available.  Turn Data into Definitive Decisions!

Ground water information about well water quality.  Accredited testing.

Want to know which areas have arsenic in the wells or salty water when searching for your next home or acreage?

Knowing the levels of arsenic, sodium, nitrate, chloride, hardness in your area is important if you want to purchase a home or drill a well,

Data is useful for actual aquifer mapping.  Developers, hydrogeologists, homeowners, farmers, aquifer studies and delineations can apply the information to their projects.

We are the only company offering certified accredited data to consumers that can be used for real estate purchases, development or other types of aquifer data manipulation.


Order your report today. Call the Waterlab at 503-363-0473 to order a report by zip code or county.  Price dependent on the amount of information requested.