Safety Tips

Here are some general safety tipes about water usage.

  • Boiling water for infants is unnecessary if the Coliform bacteria test shows "Coliform Absent".
  • Boiling water too long can concentrate nitrates (deadly to infants) or any metals from corroding metal pipes, such as lead or copper.
  • Never use hot tap water or a plumbed-in hot water tap to make formula or food for a baby.  Always start with cold water.  These types of taps can contain a high level of metals from pipe.
  • If a water tap has not been run in the last 6 hours, run the water for several minutes before using for cooking, formula, or drinking purposes.  You don't want to be drinking or serving water that has been standing in the pipes a long time.
  • Ice makers often use copper lines and plates to create ice.  These can corrode and put high levels of copper in the water and ice.  Too much copper in drinking water can cause stomach upsets, particularly for children and the elderly with low body weight.  Check the copper level in your ice from the icemake to be sure.
  • If your doctor wants you to purchase water for use for an infant, be sure to purchase "Distilled" or "Purified" water, not water labeled for "Drinking".  The drinking water label does not mean the water has been purified in any way.
  • Always disinfect after a line fix or replacement, or if a well or pump/holding tank/reservoir has been worked on or replaced.  These items are dirty from storage/shipyards and from sitting in the dirt getting ready for the replacement.