How can I find out if my water is safe to drink?

“Safe” drinking water is a LEGAL description. In Oregon law (OAR Ch. 333) it is defined as water that has a huge list of testing performed. This is the list public water suppliers must test. The total testing costs run around $2000. The list is very specific and includes Toxic Metals, Synthetic Organic Contaminants (pesticides and herbicides), Volatile Organic Contaminants (such as dry cleaning fluids and gasoline by-products), Radiological Contaminants and other types of testing. ONLY water that has ALL this testing performed and has levels less than the stated Maximum Contaminant Levels set (also in OAR Ch. 333) for these tests can use the word “Safe”. Most of this testing would be meaningless for a private well owner. Call the lab with your specific concerns and we will help you find the testing that meets your concern.